BA studies

Subject nameECTS
Biochemistry and biophysics1,5
Mikrobiology and parasitology1,5
English language4
Basics of nursing work organization1
Organization of health care1
Philosophy and ethics of nursing1
Basics of nursing19
Promotion of health4
Basic healthcare14
Physical examinations2
Obstetrics, gynecology and gynecological nursing7
Pediatrics and pediatric nursing17
Internal diseases and internal medicine nursing15
Surgery and surgical nursing15
Rehabilitation and care of the disabled8
Geriatrics and geriatric nursing9
Neurology and neurological nursing9
Psychiatry and psychiatric nursing8
Anaesthesiology and nursing of patients in life-threatening situations5
Palliative care5
Basics of acute medical care2
Health promotion and health education in health policy3
Marketing in health promotion and education3
Health promotion and health education in different age groups9
Organization of health promotion in local communities1,5
Contracting nursing services2
Structural funds in health care3
Occupational medicine3
Organization and quality management of medical services1,5
Information systems in health care3

MA studies

Subject nameECTS
Theory of nursing2
European nursing2
Health and professional problems of nurses1
Quality management in health care6
Research in Nursing2
Basics of medical statistics2
Medical didactics2
Health education for the elderly and families / Education of children and young people in the field of first aid5
The basics of psychotherapy3
Health psychology2
Problems of multiculturalism in medicine2
English language7
Modern diagnostic techniques3
Pulmonology with regard to patients of different age groups1
The basis of diagnosis and treatment1
Hematological disorders related to age1
Genito-urinary system disorders and dialysis1
Endocrine and metabolic disorders in different age groups2
Gastroenterology including patients in different age groups1
Selected neurological diseases associated with age2
Dermatological diseases in different age groups1
Fundamentals of cardiology with elements of cardiac surgery2
Fundamentals of pain and acute treatment1
Intensive therapy and nursing in intensive care5
Nursing care for chronic respiratory diseases4
Nursing care for patients with vascular diseases4
Nursing care for chronic kidney disease4
Nursing care for a patient with blood diseases3
Nursing patient with chronic wounds4
Nursing care for a diabetic patient4
Nursing care for patients with intestinal fistula2
Nursing care for a patient with multiple sclerosis1
Nursing care over a patient in a senate in a neighborhood4
Nursing care for patients with chronic or acute pain3
Nursing care for a patient with cardiovascular disease3
Nursing care for orthopedic and rheumatoid arthritis3
Fundamentals of nursing care for patients with mental illness and family4