Management and coaching

Subject nameECTSSemester
Foreign language91-5
Information technology22
Poland and the EU24
Protection of intellectual property24
Business ethics36
Planning and controling34
Basics of marketing51
Basics of entrepreneurship51
Basic accounting41
Internal PR33
Social psychology33
Psychology of management34
Sociology of the group33
Descriptive statistics52
Decision analysis44
Self-presentation and public speaking33
Personal advice44
Communication in organizations32
Human resources marketing35
Theory of organization42
Negotiations and mediations35
Labor law44
Time management46
Career management34
Teamwork management43
Strategic management42
AD / AC36
Methods of recruitment and selection of employees45
Business leadership36
Sociology of leadership45
Systems for evaluating, motivating and rewarding employees36
Management in an international company56
HR management in local self-government35
Branding the manager36
Coaching in business36
Persuasive communication and influence36
Leadership coaching in English55
Savoir vivre in business26
Team Coaching – games and simulations in business35
Assertiveness training36
Interpersonal training35