MA studies (only)

Subject nameECTS
Legal logic5
Constitutional law4
Criminal law9
Administrative law9
Civil law I9
Civil law II8
Civil law III7
Administrative and judicial administrative proceedings7
Criminal proceedings7
Civil proceedings11
Theory and philosophy of law6
Political-legal doctrines2
Labor law and social security5
Financial law and public finance5
International public law8
European Union law8
Public economic law6
History of political systems and law in Poland6
Common history of government and law6
Roman law5
Commercial law4
Foreign language12
Information technology3
Physical education7
Protection of intellectual property2
Environmental law6
Protection of competition2
Religious law2
Latin legal terminology5
Ethics of lawyers2
Basic Economics4
Law of evidence4
Methodology of combating crime4
Contemporary systems of government4
Protection of human rights3
Theory of legal argumentation3
Criminal law in the light of international relations3
Notary Law3
Legal protection institutions3
Bankruptcy and corrective law3
Enforcement law3
Private international law4
Business contracts3
Agricultural law3
Law of offenses3
Executive criminal law3
Fiscal penal law3
Enforcement proceedings in administration3
Contracts in administration and in business3
Insurance law4
International economic law4
Securities law3
Protection of personal and classified information3
Civil law with elements of civil service ethics4
The law of local self-government3
Banking law3
Medical law3
Law and tax proceedings4
Fundamentals of organizational theory and management4