Internal security

BA studies

Subject nameECTS
Physical education2
Information technology2
Basic economics3
Poland in the EU3
Protection of intellectual property2
History of internal security protection3
Organization and management2
Science of the state and law5
State security4
Internal security in the European Union3
Human rights and professional ethics of state service officers3
Criminology and forensics8
Fighting crime6
Security in transportation3
Economic security3
Protection of people, property, objects and areas4
Security of local communities and the creation of safe spaces3
Protection of personal and classified information2
Combating terrorism3
Crisis management3
Security of mass events and gatherings1
Administration and state security5
Security and public safety authorities4
Modern systems of communication2
Pre-medical rescue2
Selected issues of logistics and public finance2
Resocialization of socially maladjusted people4
Criminal material law6
Criminal trial law6
Law of misdeamenaour4
Administrative law5
Administrative proceedings5
Tactics and techniques of intervention and self-defense19
Criminal analysis2
Fighting crime in cyberspace4
Logistics in crisis situations3
Social psychology5
Terrorist threats to the economy and business security8
Protection of the population. Basics of the civil defense plan6
Tactics and techniques of intervention and self-defense19
Technical Rescue2
Interpersonal communication and  basic negotiation techniques in crisis situations5
Elements of basic jurisprudence2
General material criminal law and law of misdemenaour2
Special  material criminal law and law of misdemenaour3
Criminal provisions in selected special legal acts2
On-site operations prior to inspection2
Receiving crime reports1
Interviewing witness1
Human rights, police ethics and police history2
Providing information to representatives of the mass media1
Checking people’s identity1
Preparation for the use of coersive measures2
Preparation for the use of firearms2
First aid4
Arresting suspects1
Personal inspection, baggage check, cargo check1
Inspecting people, places and things1
Carrying out orders of proper authorities and providing assistance1
Carrying out interventions and dealing with people who are under the influence of alcohol or similar substances1
Basics of road communication2
Policing roads2
Withholding documents, moving and immobilising vehicles2
Basic operations at the scene of a traffic incident2
Traffic controls2
Introduction to proceedings in cases of misdemenaour2
Corrective measures and giving fines for road misdemenaours2
Discovery process2
Interviewing suspects2
Request for punishment1
Accelerated proceedings1
Policeman’s conduct in crisis situations2
Social pathologies and the phenomenon of juvenile delinquency4
Applying physical force as a means of direct coercion5

MA studies

Subject nameECTS
Internal security strategy3
Sociology of crisis situations2
Psychology of threats2
Geography of security1
Internal security organizations in Poland3
Protection of classified information2
Security research methodology2
Civil protection and civil defense3
Prevention of terrorism – preliminary issues3
The role and significance of states of emergency in Poland2
Logistics and management of internal security systems4
Contemporary criminal and economic terrorism threats in Poland4
Protection of intellectual property4
Auditing and controlling in the field of security4
Quality management in institutions responsible for internal security5
Energy security4
Threat identification and risk analysis3
Internal security – legal regulations3
Protection against means of mass destruction3
Information and telecommunication security4
Ceberterrorism as a threat to universal security5
Tactics and techniques of fighting cybercrime6
Basic cryptology5
Origin and development trends of non-public internal security services systems in Poland2
Starting and conducting business activity in the field of non-public security services2
Types of commercial security services2
Physical and technical protection of persons and property3
Control and supervision of non-public security services2
Staff operations in crisis management3
Collaboration of commercial law enforcement services with state authorities3
Leadership and negotiation in crisis situations3
Security of mass events2
Methodology for preparing documentation when organizing mass events and public gatherings2
Organization and realization of security activities during mass events and public gatherings5
Legal elements of organizing mass events and public gatherings5
Organization of mass events and public gatherings in the activities of social and religious movements6
Audit and control of information systems2
Ethics in the activities of the auditor2
Protection of personal data and databases5
Legal basis for information security3
Audit and control procedures4
Information security system in organizations4
Etiology of security threats in local communities1
Social pathologies and security threats to local communities1
Security in public transportation2
Natural environment preservation1
Safety of children and adolescents2
Financial market security2
Food security3
Tactics and techniques for protecting people, property, objects and areas3
Prevention of internal threats3
Education for safety2
Organizational and legal basis of service in fire protection.1
Basics of fire prevention2
Technical equipment of voluntary fire protection services1
Firefighting and rescue tactics2
Firefighting and rescue equipment2
Physical and chemical phenomena and extinguishing agents1
Psychological aspects of rescue operations1
Safety of buildings1
Road rescue2
Basic principles of human resources management1
Conducting and coordinating rescue and firefighting operations2
Internal service – drill1
Operation of the voluntary fire protection rescue services in special situations2
Occupational safety and hygiene in voluntary fire protection1
Organized crime in Poland, conditions, types and scale of the phenomenon4
Corruption and crime in civil service5
Areas of organized crime operations5
Tactics and techniques of fighting organized crime6
Public authorities in the crisis management system in Poland2
Legal and organizational basis for crisis management2
Natural disasters, catastrophes and  states of emergency in Polish legal system5
Commanding and leading operations in crisis situations3
Organization and functioning of civil defense3
Media in crisis situations2
Police as a service in the protection of constitutional order in Poland2
Professional ethics of uniformed services2
Commanding and leading operations of uniformed services3
Crime prevention strategy2
Tactics of detecting criminal and economic crime2
Documentation of preparatory proceedings3
Documentation of complaint proceedings3
Documentation of disciplinary proceedings3
Criminology and forensics as a scientific field supporting the detection process2
Forensic tactics and techniques2
Contemporary forensic theories2
Forensic psychiatry3
Criminal vicitimology3
Criminal suicidology4
Crime prevention4