BA studies

Subject nameECTSSemester
Foreign language113-6
Information technology42
Protection of intellectual property24
Descriptive statistics61
International economic relations53
Public finance53
Business finance33
Financial markets44
Social policy43
Economic policy44
Economic analysis of enterprises54
Economics of European integration45
Fundamentals of entrepreneurship in an innovative economy33
Business ethics24
Financial  reporting46
Regional economy35
Fundamentals of business education35
Commercial law35
Micro, small and medium enterprises55
Investment profitability assemssment methods46
Models for supporting economic decision making26
Human capital management36
Financial reporting and analysis56
Public sector in the national economy45
Organizational and legal forms in the public sector25
Project management in the public sector45
Basics of administrative law46
Public procurement36
Financial management of territorial self-government units46
Reporting and financial analysis of public  institutions56

MA studies

Subject nameECTS
Statistical inference7
Econometrics and forecasting of economic processes7
Commercial law5
Managerial Economics6
History of economic thought4
Human capital management5
Capital and financial markets5
Mathematical economics8
International economics7
Acquisition and verification of data in economic processes3
Statistical analysis in market research4
Forecasting and simulation of economic processes4
Optimization of management and investment decisions in the enterprise4
Risk management4
Analysis of trends in selected markets5
Legal basis for functioning of the health care system4
Legal basis of the health insurance system3
Organization and financing of the health care system4
Financial management of health care institutions4
Public procurement4
Information systems suporting the functioning of health care institutions5
Administrative law and  proceedings3
Public finances4
Budget accounting4
Public procurement4
Governance in the public  sector5
Marketing in the public and social sectors4
Selected issues of entrepreneurship3
Economic analysis and diagnostics4
Modeling of economic processes4
Optimization of economic processes4
Managerial psychology and interspersonal communication5
Negotiation techniques4
Fundamentals and determinants of electronic economy4
Organizational strategies in electronic markets3
Information technology in e-business operations4
Legal and economic conditions of e-business4
Electronic systems supporting business processes in organizations5
Competencies and structures in e-organizations4
Forms of financing business activity4
Creation of entrepreneurial attitudes3
Personal finance4
Analysis of the records and profitability of business ventures5
Controlling of costs and results4
Negotiations in business4
Legal basis of real estate3
Real estate trading and management4
Communal property management3
Investment financing strategies and methods of their assemssment5
Real estate and business valuations5
Tendering procedures in investments4
Financial accounting4
ABC – Activity Based Costing3
Information technologies  in managerial accounting4
Managerial accounting5
Financial analysis4
Basic knowledge about tourism and recreation5
Tourism as an element of international economic relations2
The economics of tourist companies5
Organization and management of tourism4
Tourist and leisure markets4
Tourism and leisure policy4