BA studies

Subject nameECTSSemester
Foreign language83-6
Information technology23
Poland and the EU34
Protection of intellectual property24
Basics of management35
Environmental protection11
International law35
Administrative proceedings in selected countries31
Consumer law and market protection32
Globalization and public funds35
Modern forms of financing local governments; Prospectus36
The situation of public finance in the world; Empirical analysis36
Labor market administration systems36
Fundamentals of jurisprudence31
Science of administration32
History of administration31
Constitutional system of state organs52
Administrative law103-4
Administrative proceedings54
Organization and management in public administration54
Basic economics31
Public commercial law53
Civil law and administration agreements31
Labor law and civil service law32
Public finance and financial law61-2
Public procurement32
Criminal law and misdemeanours law35
Institutions and sources of law in the EU46
Statistics and demography31
Administrative legislation33
Enforcement proceedings in administration43
Techniques of negotiation and mediation in administration24
The system of local self-government43
System of public administration44
Municipal management44
Ethics in public administration46
Public security administration35
Spatial development36
EU assistance programs36
Legal and bookkeeping basics of accounting34
Access to public information and the protection of personal data44
Economy of the public sector35
Special purpose funds: creating and functioning rules35
Business administration44
Organization of office work44
Commercial law46
Criminal acts in civil service35
Economic administration36
Labor market administration systems36
Constitutional foundations and principles of management by local government44
Organization and tasks of local governments in Poland and in the world44
Budget of local governments46
Source of income and expenses35
Debt management and municipal property36
Development planning – strategies for local governments36